Working It Out Together S1/EP2

Episode 2, Season 1

Waneek takes the group dragon boat racing and shows them that exercise can be fun. The participants check-in with Dr. Horn to assess their current health issues and concerns. Kary-Ann divulges the traumatic childhood that led to her morbid obesity, Chloe deals with heartache, and Kahnhehsentha shares a dark secret.

Working it Out Together is the six-part documentary series that follows Olympian Waneek Horn-Miller on her journey to empower six Mohawk people to reclaim their vitality through health, wellness, and fitness. Together they will embark on a six-month journey of self-discovery, determination and sacrifice to transform their lives for the better, proving anything is possible when we’re Working it Out Together.

Director Tracey Deer, Angie-Pepper O’Bomsawin
Producer Christina Fon, Catherine Bainbridge, and Linda Ludwick
Cast Waneek Horn-Miller
Duration 22:02 min.
Country Canada