The Last Explorer

The Last Explorer is a historical docu-drama that depicts the story of Cree explorer, George Elson who guided two separate cartography expeditions through the uncharted Labrador wilderness: one in 1903 with American explorer Leonidas Hubbard, which ended in disaster, and another in 1905, with Hubbard’s widow Mina, which ended in glory.

While this story of adversity, adventure and death has been told many times, it has never been told from the perspective of Elson, who many historians, and Cree storytellers now believe to be the hero of the expedition – the true leader, Mina’s saviour and perhaps, even her dearest lover.

Director Neil Diamond and Ernest Webb
Producer Christina Fon, Catherine Bainbridge, and Linda Ludwick
Writer Catherine Bainbridge and Neil Diamond
Cast Nathaniel Arcand, Jenna Wright. Leroy Simon Bean. Theo Hlavina, Robert Capassisit, Jean-Marie Herodier, Steve Danny Visitor
Duration 48:22 min.
Country Canada