WAVE (S1/E1)



Season 1 Episode 1

ROGER “BUNG” BUNGALOW was the greatest production sound man in the industry, making every movie in Hollywood and partying with everyone. Now he’s a burnt out, coke riddled, alkie working low budget films, teaching classes, and living check to check. He has come to his end. But through his close friends, he is offered a new opportunity to work big budget studio films and get back to where he was. The only way this will work is if Bung cleans it up: his attitude, his drinking, himself.

Director Ian Skorodin
Producer Joe Montague
Writer Ian Skorodin and Patricia Gomes
Cast Noah Watts, Dana Hunt, Amanda Greig, Kristen Pickrell
Duration 9:24 min.
Age Restriction 14 (Explicit Language/Drug Use)
Country USA