Walking On Turtle Island

A young Lakota warrior, angered by the death of his family, wanders the Black Hills alone. A trixter is sent to support him in his time of grief. Refusing his help, the warrior comes upon a small group of miners passing through. The warrior engages them and demands they leave his home. A firefight ensues, several miners are killed and the warrior dies as well.
Once in the spirit world, he is faced with a spirit who questions his readiness to cross over. The warrior wants to be with his family again and demands the opportunity to complete his journey. The spirit sends him and the trixter back to earth to help those who can't help themselves.

Director Ian Skorodin
Producer Robert Greygrass and Ian Skorodin
Writer Robert Greygrass, John Cole, Ian Skorodin
Cast Noah Watts, Robert Greygrass, Alexander Wright, Saginaw Grant, Tantoo Cardinal, Lidia Pires, Scott William Winters, Jennifer Bobiwash, Bruce Dickinson, Thomas Swindle, Mary Mora Cordova
Duration 21:00 min.
Country USA