These Walls

Troubled teen, MARY, is returning to her home reserve from the nearby town where she works. While taking a short cut across a deserted part of the reserve, her car breaks down near the dreaded Indian residential school. While on the phone to her mother, residential school survivor CLAIRE, warns her to stay away from the school.

Mary ignores the warning. She sees Father Kelly’s car and is drawn to the school with the hope of catching a ride to the village. Once near the school, the sound of a baby’s cry entices her into the building. She is quickly swept into a world beyond her reality, where she sees the past and for the first time understands the grief that torments her mother. When she returns to the present, she must fight to rescue the bones of the missing and murdered babies of the Indian residential school in order to right the old wrongs and release the spirits of the babies.

Director Doreen Manuel
Producer Tamara Bell
Writer Doreen Manuel
Cast Gracey Dove, Andrea Menard, Peter Hall
Duration 9 min.
Country USA