The Dead Can’t Dance

Three Comanche men discover they are somehow immune to a mysterious plague that is killing everyone else and turning them into zombies. As they escape to a remote school on the Kansas countryside, they find that survival isn’t the only lesson they will learn.

The Dead Can’t Dance is an award winning and original film from Indian Country. Pocowatchit delivers an innovative piece of work that showcases Native American people in a new setting. Humorous, scary and always fun, THE DEAD CAN’T DANCE provides new blood to Native cinema.

Q&A with Filmmaker Rod Pocowatchit at the 2011 LA SKINS FEST

Director Rod Pocowatchit
Producer Deanie Eaton and Rodrick Pocowatchit
Writer Rod Pocowatchit
Cast Rodrick Pocowatchit, Guy Ray Pocowatchit, T.J. Williams, Randall Aviks, and Wade Hampton
Duration 97 min.
Age Restriction 11
Country USA