Skye and Chang are struggling bodyguards who land jobs as stunt doubles on a martial arts film. When a stunt goes horribly wrong, Mia, the leading lady, believes she is a target for murder and hires Chang as her bodyguard. Meanwhile, Kisik, a young scientist, asks Skye to help her uncover a secret society's plans to kill millions through strategic man-made 'natural' disasters. While Chang gets pulled into a plot to kill Mia and Skye learns the enormity of the forces chasing Kisik - Skye and Chang must face their true warrior natures. And, Skye must accept her supernatural powers. A mash-up of martial arts and science fiction, Skye and Chang redefine what it is to be a 'superhero' in this complex and insecure world.

Director Loretta Sarah Todd
Producer Loretta Sarah Todd
Writer Loretta Sarah Todd
Cast Sera-Lys McArthur, Olivia Cheng, Rachel Colwell, James Tsai, Jaren Bartlett
Duration 44:29 min.
Country Canada