Promising Practices in Timiskaming First Nation

'Promising Practices in Timiskaming First Nation' is a 27 Minute documentary showcasing community-led initiatives and the power of storytelling to improve health outcomes in First Nation communities. Spring 2017, Indigenous communities across Canada are experiencing an increase in the spread of the Hepatitis C Virus. This is Timiskaming First Nation's story and it tells us how the entire community is working together to respond to this public health crisis. Using the Community Readiness Model, they have made tremendous strides in addressing the various issues that come with HCV, including stigma and discrimination. One of the documentary's narratives follows an Anishnabe woman's powerful story of her lived experience using rich Indigenous culture and traditions to face her challenges. She is now healthy and sharing her journey in order to help active drug users living with Hepatitis C.

Director Merv Thomas
Producer Merv Thomas, Jason Lawrence, Ken Clement
Cast Isabelle Beaudoin, Marielle Beaulac, Tammy Chevrier-Gliddy
Duration 28:00 min.
Country Canada