Lucky Spirits

Lucky Spirit, directed by Doreen Manuel (Ktunuxa/Secwepemc), is a traditional Ktunuxa story told to Doreen throughout her childhood by her mother. It was a magical childhood imagining of the spirits passing their good luck into this world.

After Lucky Spirit went into post-production an Elder was approached to translate the story into the Ktunuxa language. The Ktunuxa Elders came to realize that Doreen was the last young person from the community to know this story aside from the Elder who recognized it from her childhood. By filming the story Lucky Spirit, one of our traditional stories has resurfaced and been preserved.

Director Doreen Manuel
Producer Doreen Manuel
Writer Doreen Manuel
Cast Char George, Kalup George, Rachelle George, Wayne Lavallee, Caitlyn Pantherbone
Duration 5 min.
Country Canada