Life’s Blood

Battling his fears of inadequacy, and inability to survive the "real" world, Luis Molina, a young urban artist struggles with his addiction to crack cocaine. Questioning his capabilities, his way of life, even his very existence, he fights to hang on to his world. The visions, that explode in his mind, find their way on to the page in drawings and words, as he reaches for salvation. A final call to his brother as he flickers between reality and surreality catapults him to a place of peace when he calls upon his inner strength to guide him. The light of understanding comes with the knowledge that we all have choices...If we're lucky, the most important ones we make won't come too late.

Director Karen Criswell
Producer Karen Criswell
Writer Karen Criswell
Cast Tschetan Santana, Michael Horse, Alan Tafoya
Duration 10:52 min.
Country USA