Urban Apache Johnny Geronimo is a real Indian who wants to become a “reel” Indian. Like so many others, he moved to Hollywood to chase the dream of acting. But chasing the dream morphed into just surviving in an unforgiving town. So he started taking on covert side work when a studio exec needed some discreet investigations done, discreetly.
“Johnny Geronimo: Renaissance Indian” is a tongue-in-cheek web series that follows the antics of this wannabe actor and part-time private eye who has forsaken the Rez for the big city and bright lights of Tinsel Town. With the begrudging aid of a sarcastic Indian ghost and the occasional free meal from a former New Orleans mojo man, Johnny G stumbles in and out of cases in this free-wheeling comedic drama.

Director Gary Robinson
Producer Curtis Bridenstine
Writer Gary Robinson
Cast Ross Crain, Michael Horse, K.J. Rasheed, Keenan Spencer, Christy St. John
Country USA