Fantastic Friends

A hard partying group of life time nerds in their late teens gain super powers by eating radioactive Texas chili that was imported from China. When cooked in their old and broken microwave the right conditions occur to create very unique abilities.

One of their group develops the power of time travel and ability to transport anyone who is touching him too. On one routine time trip they meet the equally hard partying and quite gay Abraham Lincoln and his real life long time live in boyfriend Joshua Frye Speed. These two eat some of the chili also, gain superpowers, and for better or worse join our crew.

When the friends' cute little dog 'Pumpkin' gains intelligence and the ability to speak. She soon becomes the unspoken leader of the group and gains a massive cocaine addiction in the process.

Einstein said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and so there can be no superheroes without super villains. During another time traveling trip our heroes discover that a super villain named Last Laugh has also discovered how to time travel and taken over control of the WWII Nazi military machine. With his slogan 'Control the Past - Control the Future' Last Laugh has teams of Nazis taking over all of mankind's past. Our heroes are the only ones who can stop him - and only then if they can get it together long enough to do that.

Fantastic friends is a very fun and funny combination of high and low brow humor that races along at a breakneck pace until the final climax in a stone age world that pits mankind's last hope (an army of apemen riding dinosaurs) against the entire might of WWII Nazi Germany.

Director Pasquale Encell and Steve Encell
Producer Pasquale Encell and Steve Encell
Writer Pasquale Encell and Steve Encell
Cast Pasquale Encell and Steve Encell
Duration 63:27 min.
Country USA