Eagle Feather

Eagle Feather is an animated, feature length, family friendly story about Elizabeth, a young American
Indian girl, and her single father as they journey into the wilderness early one morning to search for her first ceremonial eagle feather.

On their way home father and daughter find a wounded eagle and in an effort to rescue the large bird take it to their family friend and local game warden. He informs our heroes that there have been a string of eagle shootings and that no one has any idea who the culprit may be or why it is happening.

Knowing that Elizabeth’s family’s spirit animal is the eagle and that they still practice many of the old ways the game warden asks her father if he may know a way to help.

Director Pasquale Encell, Steve Encell
Producer Pasquale Encell, Steve Encell
Writer Pasquale Encell, Steve Encell
Cast Heidi Walker, Steve Encell, Pasquale Encell, Tyler Mcintosh
Duration 65:00 min.
Country USA