Eagle Falls

Life on the Eagle Falls Indian Reservation draws you in through a phenomenal ensemble cast. Returning to the Rez from military service Yiya Redhouse must readjust to the demands of family and friends. Five very different individuals navigate life as young adults living on Eagle Falls.
From Yiya's cousin showing up unannounced, to a crazy double date with the best friend Brittni and hilarious karaoke contest there is never a dull moment on Eagle Falls. But when the death of a childhood friend rocks the group everyone is forced to re-evaluate their lives.

Director Carrie Madariaga
Producer Carrie Madariaga
Writer Carrie Madariaga, Byron Hord
Cast Carrie Madariaga, Kyle Agnew, Daniel Freeman, Amy Greenspan, David Light, Harley Marquette, Tiffany Martinez, Anthony Pena, Satu Runa, Kimberli Smalling, Derrick Williams
Duration 14:50 min.
Country USA