Dancing On The Moon

Three Native American friends are on the road to a powwow, but each is on his own personal journey. Grappling with grief, Dean must honor his mother's memory. Tired of being the screw-up, Joey must learn to believe in himself. And always the hothead, Mark must face his own prejudices. They unwillingly meet up with a wayward party girl, and get stranded on a dirt road in Kansas. While searching for the next town, they discover surprising and sometimes painful truths about themselves. When tragedy strikes, Dean is forced to confront his personal demons -- and follow his heart home to the powwow world.

Director Rodrick Pocowatchit
Producer Rodrick Pocowatchit
Writer Rodrick Pocowatchit
Cast Guy Ray Pocowatchit, Mark Wells, Rodrick Pocowatchit, Jill Jarsulic
Duration 90 min.
Country USA