Season 2 Episode 4 - "Keeping Our Culture Alive"

Retired Cree culture teachers Elijah and Mary Anne Cox are struggling to stay on their trap line because Elijah is diabetic and survives by getting blood transfusions and Mary Anne's health is difficult, but their committment to the Dab Iyiyuu life has enabled them to still enjoy living off the land. These two educators have kept the Culture alive against all the odds. They still enjoy roasted Goose, create daily tools and enjoy telling stories of the past. Their trap line now rests under La Grand River since back in the 1970's their land was flooded for the Hydro-Quebec LG2 electric project. They have seen many changes and share their life experience. They speak to us of the old days and of how they have fought through failing health and changing times to keep the knowledge of the Dab Iyiyuu. Elijah Carves a spoon from log and visits the hunters that now bring him goose because he can no longer hunt as he once did. Mary Anne prepares goose and together they make nets to catch fish and fowl. The program is completed with the story of a boy who has great magical powers.

Dab Iyiyuu is a documentary series that honours the last generation of traditional native elders. Dab Iyiyuu – Cree for “Absolutely Aboriginal” – one of the top-rated shows on APTN, includes cultural teachings, traditional skills, and dramatic recreations of ancient Cree legends as told by Cree elders.

Dab Iyiyuu is a series about the wilderness skills and legends of the last generation of traditional native elders. The series, considered one of the top-rated shows on APTN, includes dramatic recreations of the ancient Cree legends and stories.

Director Neil Diamond, Ernest Webb, Jeff Dorn & Philip Lewis
Producer Christina Fon, Catherine Bainbridge & Linda Ludwick
Duration 24:30 min.
Country Canada