Season 2 Episode 3 - "WHERE THE FISH ARE"

On the Shores of the mighty Rupert River, in a camp called Smokey Hill, Johnny and Clymie Weistche teach us how to catch and prepare Cisco for the long winter ahead. These Dab Iyiyuu share with us the hunting and preparation of a fish that brings many to feast upon the fall spawning. Johnny and Clymie Weistche have enjoyed a life of fishing Cisco. Their harvesting has the community of Waskaganish famished for a piece of freshly caught fish. At one time the hunters of Smokey Hill would come and scoop net these fish on the Rupert's River. Saunders Weistche, Johnny's brother, shows how to make the scoop net and we see the net yield a healthy catch like it was done long ago. This may be a final glimpse at Smokey Hill's bountiful fishing as Hydro-Quebec looms in the distance preparing to dam the Rupert River and end the run of the Cisco.

Dab Iyiyuu is a documentary series that honours the last generation of traditional native elders. Dab Iyiyuu – Cree for “Absolutely Aboriginal” – one of the top-rated shows on APTN, includes cultural teachings, traditional skills, and dramatic recreations of ancient Cree legends as told by Cree elders.

Dab Iyiyuu is a series about the wilderness skills and legends of the last generation of traditional native elders. The series, considered one of the top-rated shows on APTN, includes dramatic recreations of the ancient Cree legends and stories.

Director Neil Diamond, Ernest Webb, Jeff Dorn & Philip Lewis
Producer Christina Fon, Catherine Bainbridge & Linda Ludwick
Duration 24:32 min.
Country Canada